The features that you never heard about PUBG Mobiles

The features that you never heard about PUBG Mobiles

Are you interested in survivor game? There are lot of survivor games are available like PUBG mobile, fortnite and etc. In the all games the PUBG MOBILE Hack is the one of the best action game. It is supported in Android devices as well as IOS devices. For survive in the game many tips and tricks are required. So there are lots of tricks are available in the game for level up. Social sites are the best way to play this game with friends. You can also make a team with your friends and play the battles with other players.

Easier Options-

The many advantage are available in the game which make the game so easier. So use the all ways to improve your performance. So today I will tell you the best feature which is given by company to make the game easier. Read the all information and improve your winning chances. Two types of auto feature give by the country in new update. For use these features update the game or play on current version.

  1. Auto loot-

It is the best feature give by the game. In older version for take the weapons, armor and many other things are manually pick by the player. In the new version player not need to pick it manually or your player pick it automatically. This feature name is auto loot. Via this feature your avatar pick the items like armor, weapons and many other things automatically. As per this reason the game is make so easier and enjoyable after the updates. For example- if you are empty handed then the avatar automatically took the essential item for you. So use this feature to loot quickey while running away from enemies.

  1. Auto sprint-

The Auto Sprint also a best feature which is given by the company in the update. The name of this feature suggest you all idea. Under it your avatar runs automatically without hold on the any button. From tap on the icon your player runs in the pro speed. It is prove beneficial at the time of you run. So always use that auto sprint option for boost you running speed.

  1. Free look-

It is the third and last best feature which is give by the studio. From this feature you can look the running from the around. For use this feature tap and drag on the eye of player for look around while running.



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